Bad Experiences… Don’t Let Them Stop You

Welcome to week 21.

This week I learned from my mentor that at different stages of their online business journey, each digital entrepreneur has their fears and reservations.

Most people are afraid of joining the online marketing programs that you might be promoting because they have been let down by other programs they were involved in before.

The people also will not take the required action because they don’t know you well enough to believe what you are telling however interesting the opportunity might be.

Some people are scared of putting their messages online.

They will avoid taking the necessary actions to start and succeed in their online businesses like creating videos or blogging for fear of being judged by others.

They may also be afraid that friends and family might laugh at them and not support them.

Fear of taking action might be based on the unknown for example “what if I did a solo ad, or Facebook ad and lost money?”, or having tried something before that did not work, or have seen other people do something that went wrong.

If this is true for you, the bad experiences you may have heard, seen or gone through in the past may create limiting beliefs in you. However, this should not hold you from the potential you have now and in the future.

Don’t allow anything in your life to hold you or stop you from chasing or creating what you want.

As human beings when we experience pain after taking certain actions, we are programmed to keep off that pain in the future by avoiding a repeat of similar actions that led to the first experience of the pain.

If you can muster the courage to push through the pain, on the other side there is everything you could want.

The bigger the problems or challenges we fight through the bigger the reward will be.  

It doesn’t mean there will be no challenges, or you won’t face tough times.

As you attempt to do what the majority of people have no courage to do, you must be ready to go through some degree of pain and fight through it in order to provide a better life for yourself and your family.

Don’t settle for less or entertain limiting thoughts like “Maybe this isn’t for me”, or “Maybe I can’t do this.”

The major separator of people who succeed and those who stagnate is their mindset. The right mindset will give you the drive to take the necessary steps to succeed. Don’t be afraid to do what it takes and claim success.

If you are willing to have the right mindset, believe in your abilities to succeed and not listen to the naysayers, you have the capacity to develop the life, income, and freedom you want.

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