Family And Friends…Are They Your Worst Nightmare?

Welcome to Week 20!

Today’s message from my mentor Dean Holland is dedicated to all newbies who have started their businesses or are planning to start a business and are worried about being “judged” by their family or friends.

Don’t count on your friends or family to support your business

Your friends and family will support businesses set up and operated by people they don’t know and have never met, but in most cases will not support your business when you start out.

Your friends and family have no idea who the owners of McDonald’s, Coca Cola or Tesco are, but they keep buying from McDonald’s, Coca Cola and Tesco which in turn promotes the business of these companies.

Accept this as the hard reality and focus on your “Why” to move your business forward.

You can do this by learning every day to be a better version of yourself. Embrace the challenges that come your way, celebrate your wins, learn from your losses and move on fast.

Be patient

Results in your business may take time to be realized and this may invite ridicule from your family and friends who may think that you wasted your time and money in a business that will not take off the ground.

Don’t allow this to distract or discourage you.

Instead, let it be an inspiration to prove them wrong.  

The effort you put in now may not give immediate results, but the results will surely appear at a later date if you are consistent in your follow up.

For example, customers may take up the front end offer immediately and after finding great value in the offer, then they can ascend and take up the higher value offers later when they are ready.

We all start at the bottom and work hard to move to the top. It’s only through consistent effort that we are able to rise to the top and stay there.

Resist the temptation to promote everything and anything to your audience

As an affiliate marketer is important to check out the offers available before you promote. Avoid promoting offers with sales letters that give ridiculous income claims which are unrealistic.

It may be a good idea to check out the product owner’s buy the products and use them to confirm the claims made in the sales letter before promoting them.

This will help avoid a backlash from your customers who may buy sub-standard products at your recommendation.

Don’t focus on getting rich quickly without any solid foundation. Instead, work on building your rock-solid foundation and you will get rich forever.

Over time with your persistence, you will start to get results that will motivate you to grow your business further. Your confidence in running the business will also be boosted once you start experiencing results.

Give value to your customers

Strangers who don’t know you but believe in your business will be your ardent customers that will keep buying your products or services and grow your business. Focus on giving them a great value through your high-quality products, and great buying experience so they can promote your business to their friends and family.

Your family and friends in most cases will only support you once they see your business grow with strangers supporting you. It really doesn’t matter whether your family or friends support you because your business will grow even without their support.

It is a hard reality.

And if you can, please support the businesses of your family and friends because it is not easy to start and grow a business.

Keep enjoying the experiences of starting and growing your business and it will be worth it.

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Thank you.


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