How To Blog Correctly As A Newbie

Last week I shared 5 essential tips for blogging. I wish to revisit blogging on this 18th week into my online business journey and share some additional insights I have learned on how to blog correctly as a newbie.

Content vs Appearance

Your blog content is more important than its appearance.  

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to make your blog look professional at the expense of the content.

Let people not be attracted to your blog by how it looks but instead let them be attracted by the information on it.

You need to ensure that your content is not sterile as this will repel your audience.

Your blog post headlines should grab the attention of the audience, be compelling, engaging and appealing to them.

The blog headline should be treated like a sales page headline and given the attention it deserves.

The headline may be coined, and content built around it, or content may be created and a headline coined around it.

Your blog content should be full of actionable stuff of immediate benefit to your audience.

A featured image that is visually compelling can add to the aesthetics of your blog.

You can get great images to use on your blog from a site like or you may create your own images using image creating and editing software like Canva.

Should blog posts be dated?

The jury is still out on this.

Some bloggers advocate dating blog posts for the audience to make informed decisions on which articles to read. They argue that as long as the content is still valid, the date it was created doesn’t matter.

However, other bloggers argue that people want to engage with content that is current and by removing dates from your blog post, you make the content evergreen. They believe that this can encourage interaction on older posts.

People are likely to dismiss blog posts with older dates considering the information not worth reading or mistakenly presuming the content to have been overtaken by events.

By not dating your blog posts you allow your audience to judge content on its own merit rather than the date it was published.

It’s not about you

Always be thinking of how you can best be serving your audience whenever you are creating content.

Your ultimate goal is to make money but if you can create your own tribe of revving fans, it will be a lot easier to sell to them because they know, like and trust you.

You can build rapport with your audience who leave comments on your blog, are happy and eager to share your content on social media, want to subscribe to your email list, want to reach out to you and engage you.

Some may even inquire if you offer coaching services or have products to sell because of the relationship that you have created with your fans.

This is laser targeted traffic that you are getting relatively effortlessly for which you are likely to experience high conversion rates from leads to customers.

Engagement vs Pitching

The success of engagement marketing hinges on engagement and not pitching. As soon as you start pitching, your mindset shifts to “…how do I make money from these people…” and you lose the ball. Always keep in mind that people love to buy but hate to be sold.

When you correctly engage your audience through continuously providing valuable content, they will join your mailing list, click on the opt-ins, banners, and hyperlinks on your blog, and they will buy stuff from you without you pressuring them.

Power of social media

When used correctly social media can be a powerful tool to generate traffic to your blog.

Avoid the temptation of copying your whole blog post on social media. What you want is to get as many people as possible to visit your blog so that the sales system you have set there in the form of banner ads, hyperlinks, and opt-in pages can take over.

You can do this by writing short synopsis or preamble of your blogpost on your fan page and attach a link for viewers to click and read the full articles from your blog.

You want greater engagement where more people who to visit your blog leave comments and also see the offers you are promoting.

The more connections and activities between social media and your blog (social signals) the higher your blog ranks in Search Engines.

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