It’s Ok To Celebrate Small Wins

This week I revisited my online business goal and got quite distressed with what I considered my slow progress towards it.

However, I learned from my mentor a valuable lesson that I wish to share with you.

Celebrate the small wins.

It is fine to set yourself a huge target when starting out your online business. However, the target you set can be a hindrance to your achieving success in business because it can scare you into submission.

It’s ridiculous to note the targets that some people set for themselves, for example, wanting to earn $30k a month online within a month of setting up the business when they are making $2k a month in their day job.

If you aim for the $30k a month without breaking it down and aiming for smaller wins along the way, you will most likely struggle to succeed.

In the above example, it would be prudent to set the first goal as replacing your income of $2k a month to enable you to quit your day job. With more time at your disposal, you could then acquire additional skills like mastering a new traffic generation strategy that would enable you to scale your income.  

Whenever you set milestones or smaller wins that you celebrate along the way, this creates momentum in the business and motivates you to continue. The small wins drive you to accomplish more and even bigger wins.

But if you only wait to celebrate the big win, there is really nothing to push you forward. You are blinded from recognizing the smaller wins along the way that can be great motivating factors that keep you focused on your ultimate goal.

If you wish to give yourself a better chance of success in your online business then you need to review how you are operating in your business and set milestones or steppingstones to success.

As you set for yourself the great goal or grand vision for your business ensure you have steppingstones to get you there and celebrate whenever you get to each milestone.

For your online business, milestones might include setting up your blog, posting your first blog post, getting your first subscriber, placing your first ad, making your first sale and generating the first one thousand dollars.

After your first sale, it becomes easier to then rinse and repeat the process and make even more sales.

You can then use that motivating feeling that comes from achieving small wins to drive yourself forward towards your grand goal.

Winning comes from being disciplined consistently as you move from one small win to the next.

If you found value in this week’s lesson please share your feedback by leaving a comment below.

Thank you.


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