No Results… Why The Heck Should Anyone Listen To You?

Hey, Henry here,

Welcome to Week 14 of my online business journey.

I have opted to mainly focus on organic traffic through blogging. Organic strategies do not generally produce immediate results, but I am willing to be patient and to build my online business for the long term.

I may occasionally run additional solo ads when I deem necessary to get additional leads to my business.

In the beginning, I really struggled with blogging, but I am getting more confident with practice.

The two solo ad traffic campaigns that I ran in the earlier weeks of my journey have not generated any income to write home about.

This is normal for any traffic campaign you undertake. The results are never guaranteed but you have to keep at it and continue following up with your leads by sending out daily emails.


It’s only through multiple exposures to the opportunities you are promoting that you have a realistic chance of converting your leads into customers.

My leads continued to receive daily emails from me.

This lack of monetary results so far has got me wondering whether anyone should pay attention to my blog!

I know you are probably asking yourself the same question…

Why would anyone choose to listen to you when you have no results to write home about?

This is a question that bothers many online marketers in the formative stages of their business. They get intimidated when the gurus flash out income proof having made six or seven-figure incomes in their businesses.

However, I learned from my mentor Dean Holland this week that…

It’s not about showing actual monetary results!

People do not need to see you making money in order to listen to you. Your followers only need to see you are a real person, somebody they can relate to, can listen to and enjoy hearing from, and can view you as a trusted advisor.

People will listen to you if you are sharing something that they will find useful.

You don’t need to be making a lot of money to give your audience advice. You just have to be that one small step ahead of those that have not taken it to be in a position to tell them how you took that step.

For instance, you may not be an expert at building blogs, but you have learned something while in the process of building your blog like, you need a hosting account, a domain name, installing the blog on your hosting, changing the theme, posting, etc. You can share this knowledge with your audience.

When you get traffic to your blog, you can detail exactly what you are doing to get the traffic, and you don’t have to be an expert to give that kind of advice.

Questions you get from your audience will evolve from, how did you build a blog? to, how did you generate traffic? to, how did you generate commissions?

A Blog is your own platform to share your journey with your audience. Your journey will unfold as you keep taking the right action.

When you are not yet making money, that can be an advantage…

If people are struggling, they are not getting the results, and are desperately looking for a solution to their problem, they can resonate and relate more to you who is in a similar position to them (or a couple of steps forward) than someone else who is far ahead of them. You know how it works but are still taking the steps to accomplish the desired outcome.

You are closer to where they are. They are closer to you. You can speak their language better.

Use what you have in your follow up emails. Use your experience of where you are now.

Be yourself, be honest, open and transparent.

Don’t claim experience or results that you don’t have. Share your experience, lessons, what’s working and what’s not.

Be honest if you still haven’t made any money.

That honesty will win you followers who will get to Know, Like and Trust you knowing that once you succeed, they will be right behind you to achieve the same success by following in your footsteps.

Don’t wait until you achieve success for you to share with your audience. Share the journey and it will be exciting.

Never, ever underestimate the impact you can have on someone else through your blogging.


Glenn Shepherd, my other mentor from InternetProfits Company demonstrated this week an efficient way of blog hopping where you get a relevant blog in your niche, read the blog posts of interest to you, leave valuable feedback on the comments section and share the blog post with your audience. You then look at the comments left earlier on the blog and visit the blogs of the people who left those comments and repeat the same process of blog hopping on their blogs.

This is exactly what I will be doing in the coming weeks and I welcome you back every week to witness this online journey as it unfolds.

Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Thank you


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