The Power Of One

Welcome to week 16!

When you are in the earlier stages of your online business do no try to learn everything. Choose one thing and go all out on it.

Four areas of fucus

Having one main thing in each of the four core areas of focus – One Main traffic source, One Main opt-in page, One Main email follow up sequence and One Main offer will help keep things simple and avoid overwhelm.

There are many strategies given in the members’ area for Internet Profit Partners program to use and they all work. A lot of successful online marketers in the world use those same strategies or platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and get massive results and there is no reason why you should not. Pick one and run with it.

Why are you stuck?

When you find yourself stuck you need to ask yourself the following questions…

Why is it not working for you?

What are you doing that is wrong?  

What are you not doing that you should be doing to make it work?

It may be that have not grasped how to make the strategies work for you, or you may most likely not be applying the strategies correctly.

It could be you need to acquire more knowledge through further training to get a better understanding of the strategies.

Be consistent

Rather than jump from say YouTube ads to blogging, then Facebook ads to Instagram ads, you need to stick with one strategy consistently until you achieve your desired results.

Pick one thing you can dedicate your time, attention and passion and make it work.

To be consistent, stick to that one platform. If for example, you find YouTube ads not working, find out what it is that you are missing through immersing yourself into learning more about YouTube ads instead of jumping to another platform.

You will spread your focus too thin when you keep moving from one platform to another and deny yourself the opportunity to be an expert at one strategy.

Sometimes you may not have the luxury to choose from a lot of available strategies due to budgetary constraints.

Invest time to learn

For example, if you don’t have enough money to put into paid traffic sources like solo ads, Facebook ads or YouTube ads, then your traffic options may be limited to organic strategies like social media marketing, blogging and video marketing which require investment in your time to make them work.

You may not be good at any of these organic strategies at first but with consistent practice, you will definitely get better and possibly go on to become an expert.

The best way to learn is through the application, that is, taking action is what will make you better, not reading, accumulating knowledge or buying products.

Get out of your comfort zone

It’s normal to feel nervous at the beginning. For instance, the thought of appearing on camera might be intimidating at first but you get better with time the more you do it.

You may even find that you have a flair that you didn’t know existed in you for the strategy you have been avoiding.

Give yourself a chance of succeeding by focusing on one strategy even if it means getting outside of your comfort zone.

Focus on one strategy without allowing distraction to creep in. Distraction is the biggest enemy that you will have to fight. Take specific steps towards your goal every day and success will surely come your way.

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Please come back next week for more insights from my online business journey. I will continue with blog hopping though so far I do not have any success to report on that front.

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