Online Marketing: Four Core Areas of Focus

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Welcome to week 13.

This week my focus was on blog hopping.

I researched on blogs for internet marketers in the Make Money Online niche. I got quite a number of blogs where the owners blog for a living. Their approach to blogging was quite different from what I have learnt as an InternetProfits Partner.

The ideas promoted on the blogs were quite interesting and sometimes controversial, but so are many other shiny objects on the internet. I had to constantly remind myself to remain focused and stick to the purpose of visiting the blogs.

I read through a few blogposts and left questions and comments that I hope will be responded to. By the time of writing this post, I had not received a single response to any of my comments. 

Aside from blog hopping, I got a ton of value from this week’s member trainings.

There are Four Core Areas of Focus in our online business. This is where we need to spend the bulk of our time because it will significantly affect the income we earn. This doesn’t mean there are no other things we can spend our time doing to improve our business. However, non-core areas will not have a significant effect on the income we earn.

Four-core components must be present for you to make money online. These are Traffic, Capture, Offer or Sales System and Follow up.


This entails getting more of the right people into your sales system to see your offer.

Organic strategies may be Written such as blogging, Audio like podcasts or Videos such as Facebook Live and YouTube Videos. These take time and are dependent on some form of content creation and content marketing.

Paid strategies include Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Bing ads, Google Adwords and Twitter ads. These are more scalable and sustainable. They may give you quick results compared to the organic strategies.

The InternetProfits members’ training includes lots of organic and paid strategies to choose from. However, the masterplan is to have 1 free strategy and 1 paid strategy that complements each other.


This could be in the form of an opt-in page where a lead is requested to give their email address in exchange for an ethical bribe which could be a free video or pdf product.

The email addresses are then deposited to an autoresponder like Aweber, GetResponse or Sendlane from where follow up messages will be sent.

Follow Up

This could be in the form of emails, video or both. It begins with a welcome message that sets up expectations to lead. This is followed by a series of emails or videos to deliver on the expectations set. At a minimum, daily follow up is recommended. Fortune is in the follow up once you capture a lead because it allows the offer to be exposed to the lead multiple times. The multiple exposures increase the chances of converting a lead into a customer.

Sales System

This is the sales and marketing mechanism used in the business to generate leads, sales and ultimately profits.

The front end offers turns prospects to paying customers (customer acquisition) and help generate more sales at the point of purchase giving more value to customers, and more revenue for the business (value maximization).

Back end offers include recurring revenue like subscriptions or memberships, and premium products over $1,000.

The sales system is taken care of for InternetProfits Partners. The program comes with a high converting sales system for partners to use.

After everything is set up (the capture process and follow up), almost all your time will be spent on generating traffic.

You should spend more time horning your craft, that is, getting better at the traffic strategy you choose to use. Immerse yourself into learning one traffic strategy. If you try to learn everything you will never get good at anything. Become a master of a strategy and keep everything simple. Always ask yourself if there is an easier way to accomplish what you are doing?

When you complicate things, you experience little progress and things feel tough. You experience lack of clarity, confusion, doubt, overwhelm, anxiety, frustration, external pressures from family seeing you put in time with no results.

It’s not about how much time you have but what you do with the time you have and how you use it. Always have clarity about how you should use your time and focus on what needs to be done to produce results.

Anything that does not contribute to income should be avoided, for instance changing your blog theme after seeing someone else’s blog, instead of focusing on traffic generation.

The famous Bruce Lee quote, “I don’t fear someone who has practiced 10,000 kicks but I fear the person that has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times” sums up the importance of focusing on only a few activities that will make you money.

You should consider layering additional traffic strategies only if they complement the primary strategy. For example, using daily Facebook live (organic strategy) to complement Facebook ads (paid strategy).

Next Week …

Please come back to my blog next week where I will continue sharing lessons from online marketing journey and feedback from my blog hopping adventure…

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