Week 2

Hey, Henry here,

It is now one week since my first blog post.

I have worked through the second and third weeks of the 30-Day challenge. This entailed lessons 8 to 21. The training videos were great and easy to follow.

I set up my Aweber account as recommended in the members area, selected the video lead magnet for New Way Webinar provided in Dean’s training, and created my opt-in and bridge pages in Frontio.

I then installed an email campaign sequence in Aweber to be sent as follow up emails to my subscribers and integrated my Aweber and Frontio accounts by following tutorials in the members area. Finally, I sent test emails to my email address and everything worked like clockwork.  Now I am ready to send traffic to my opt in page!

I am excited to have set up my business and I can’t wait to start sending traffic to my opt in page and start collecting some $$$

In the coming days I will continue with Days 22 to 30 of the challenge. Then I will select a traffic source to use. I will use a paid traffic source, probably solo ads, so I can hopefully register some quick results.

Please visit my page again next week so I can share with you my progress.



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