Week 3

This is my third blog post.

I went through lessons 22 to 30 during the week. The lesson on “what not to do” for me to achieve success was a great eye opener. The daily tracker and customer avatar worksheets were a welcome addition to my arsenal. I got a deeper understanding of free and paid traffic options and how to optimally apply each of them. A point to note is that free traffic is not really “free” because you pay for in terms of time and effort, for example when you blog.

I also ordered and paid via credit card for some solo ad traffic from TrafficForMe where I subscribed to their one time offer that costs 60 cents per click for new clients. After a day of waiting I was requested to submit a copy of my identification document. Later, I was informed that my request could not be processed because the address on my credit card was a P.O. Box, which presents customer verification challenges.

I was then requested to pay using PayPal, which I did, and my order was processed immediately. The campaign was scheduled a week away. My refund for the credit card payment was processed very promptly.

From my experience, I recommend paying for this type of traffic using PayPal to avoid the inconvenience I went through with the credit card option.

I also found time to attend most of the Daily Dean sessions during the week and benefitted greatly from Dean’s answers to members questions.

Next week I will start updating my daily tracker once I start receiving traffic. I will also start watching recordings of weekly coaching by Dean and Glenn and continue with the live Daily Dean sessions.



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