Week 4

Hey, Henry here,

This week I sent a question on bonus lead traffic that I had been offered through another program, to #DailyDean. The question was answered by Dean to my satisfaction. I learnt that leads traffic is not suitable for Dean’s offers. However, this kind of traffic may still be useful in promoting other offers, but it would require a lot of warming up in the form of follow up emails, for it to be responsive.

I downloaded the weekly coaching recordings by Dean and Glenn for the months of June and July 2019. I have been watching one recording per day while taking notes. I strongly recommend attending the weekly What’s Working Now Tuesdays Webinar by Dean Holland, and How To -Tech Thursdays by Glenn Shepherd, or watching the recordings which have a ton of value. Dean openly shares the results of his campaigns, both successful and unsuccessful on Tuesdays. Glenn on the other hand answers tech questions from members who attend the live sessions on Thursdays. Members can also submit questions in advance for Glenn to answer and watch the recording later.

I also continued attending live the daily Dean sessions whenever possible or watched the recordings later in the day. I received a ton of value from Dean’s answers to members questions.

You are welcome to visit my page next week as I focus on my traffic campaign.



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