Week 5

This week my focus was on my traffic campaign. This will continue for the next few weeks as I build my email list which will be a great asset for my business, since I can promote multiple offers to my subscribers, as I offer them value through continuous engagement.

The solo ad traffic I ordered from TrafficForMe was delivered in three days. I was very excited to experience my first campaign. I kept checking the Link Tracking Stats on my Affiliate Dashboard to see the updates on page hits and opt-ins. My business was coming alive right before my own eyes!

I got a 21% opt-in rate at the end of my campaign. I was quite depressed because I paid for what was marketed as “Super Premium Clicks with Highest Opt-in rates and Most Sales Conversions.”   When I checked with Dean’s team, I realized that I had committed a serious blunder – I sent the solo ad traffic to the AMP sales page directly. You ‘can’ send traffic direct to the AMP sales page – but this will typically be against the advice given by Dean.

The opt ins reported were people that clicked the order button and entered their name and email to access the order form. They became Dean’s subscribers and not mine. They would still be followed up by Dean’s team, and any sales realized would be attributed to me and I would be compensated for it.

The recommended path by Dean is this:
Traffic > Your capture page to build list > Follow up and send to offer(s).

I managed to get one sale of the Affiliate Marketers Playbook, which may not amount to much in terms of commission generation, but it’s still very exciting as my first sale.

Please visit my page next week and check out how my traffic campaign is shaping up.



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